Miraculous Touch



pronounced: haptoe


As I searched Your Word, I found this ἅπτω mostly tranlated as “touch” and every time I do, something miraculous happens. Like when the sick woman “V”s YOur garment and becomes well… An act of faith as simple as ἅπτω, and she is miraculously healed. But I’m not sure which is more beautiful – Your people “ἅπτω”ing You in faith? Or You “ἅπτω”ing them in Your faithfullness. You, Jesus, are the reason those touches were miraculous. Not only did You heal leprosy with Your ἅπτω (Matt 8:3), heal blindness with Your ἅπτω (Matt 20:34), calm Your disciples fears with Your ἅπτω (Matt 17:7)… You conquered death with Your ἅπτω! (Lk 7:14) And in Your absolute mercy, even restored the ear of a soldier who came to bring You to Your torturous, humiliating crucifiction with Your ἅπτω. Only You, Jesus, could make something as simple as ἅπτω miraculous, powerful, tender, and merciful beyond measure.


I want to respond to Your ἅπτω today and always as the woman in Matthew 8:15 did – by rising up immediately and serving You.


ps. I love You back.