day dreaming divine

A few years ago I read a book by Donal Miller. I was at my neighbors house in rural Virginia, swinging on a hammock in the summer afternoon sun, reading as he fleshed out pieces of the Bible. He made them sound so real, so living. I realized, as I read his words that he had read the Bible like I’d read my favorite novels as a child – fully imagining it all, pondering it, excavating every ounce of its beauty.

Since then, I remember this from time to time. It occurs to me today, though, as I’m reading that I should be doing this every day. It should be habit – no, more than habit – it should begin as a habit and become an impulse. Because this is a love letter from my Beloved. Have you ever gotten one of those? A love letter? The one you love tells you about where he’s been and what he’s done. You lay back on your bed and imagine the red brick of the building, imagine what his emotions and reactions would be (if you know him well, instinctively knowing) to every sight and smell. You would imagine his work, see his hands moving, seeing his eyes fixed in deep concentration…..on and on your imaginings would go. This is how we should be reading the Bible, isn’t it? If we truly believe it’s a love letter. (Which we should, I’m convinced.)

I think this is what David described in the Psalms when he spoke of longing for it to be night so that He could reflect on the Lord’s Word in this way. The Bible tells us we should be meditating on it all day and night, but it also encourages certain special times when we should sweetly, deeply day dream on the One we Love.

Lord, remind us to remember You,
cause our minds to think on You,
our hearts to feel You,
our wills to choose You,
and all of ourselves to be completely Yours.

ps. I love You back.


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