It was good…It was good…It was good…

Again and again we read these words in lilting repetition. The repetition reinforces, strengthens with each mention the goodness of what He made. This word good is “tov.” It means goodness, beauty, and moral uprightness.

The beauty aspect of goodness is really important for us remember. Too often our culture has associate goodness with a dull, stark piety. The Biblical definition, however, is far more glorious.
This true meaning of goodness should stir our imaginations… How beautiful the world must have been when the trees and the flowers, the sky and the sea were freshly and newly made by the hands of a beautiful God. How pure it was and how much the more beautiful for it’s purity. We will never see an equal to the gorgeousness of the virgin earth until we see it’s superior in the New Jerusalem. Yet when we do, that shimmering space’s pure, beautiful goodness will at best be second best in comparison to the most pure, most beautiful, and best creator Elohim.

He is Tov. He is beautiful, pure goodness. We cannot repeat it enough. We cannot praise Him for it enough. We cannot cease to be awestruck when we dare to consider that we were made in His image. We were formed in beautiful, pure goodness – by our sin, corrupted, but by His salvation restored. As the beautiful, purely good Elohim’s Spirit dwells in us, He sanctifies us. He radiates from within us that beautiful, pure goodness. If you have accepted Salvation and have His Spirit dwelling within you, you are filled with the wildly glorious beautiful and pure goodness. By His indwelling, we too are Tov!

Beloved and Tov Elohim, we praise You! From the wellspring of our souls we worship You for all that You are, for all the tov creation Your hands have formed, and for creating us and sanctifying us to be Tov by design and indwelling. We praise Your name, our beautiful, pure, good God!

ps. Oh, how I love you back./em>


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