Lord God

When I began studying the names of God through the Bible I circled each as I found them. All through chapter one of Genesis I circled God (Elohim) over and over again. Through the whole of the creation summation, God is Elohim. But in chapter two, there’s a switch. He is presented as Elohim Yahweh (Lord God). Why?

In chapter two, a more in-depth account is given of the creation of man and the beginning of God’s relationship with mankind. Lord is the personal name of God. It is His covenant name. While God creates and executes justice, the Lord establishes covenant and knows His people. In unity, these names paint a beautiful picture of the beginning of mankind and mankind’s relationship with Him. The same Lord who knew them would be their judge as God (how fear inspiring, and yet, how comforting); the same God who created them made a covenant with them as Lord.

No other living thing on earth would have this kind of relationship to the Creator, with the Creator. While the whole of creation was a Divine expression, mankind alone was created in His image. Mankind alone had the ability to choose Him. Mankind alone could know the language of His love, and call Him by the name Elohim Yahweh.

Elohim Yahweh, we praise You as Creator, Judge, Covenant Lord, and the One who knows us. You are great and greatly to be praised. Show us who we are, dear Elohim Yahweh – who You have created us to be and who You desire to sanctify us by Your Holy Spirit into being. Stir our hearts to thank You for all You have made, as You stir our hearts to honor all people (for You have made them in Your image.) We are in awe at the thought that Your Spirit – the Spirit of our Elohim Yahweh – abides in us as we abide in You. Cause us to abide in You more fully, hour by hour, breath by breath. Amen.

ps. I love you back/em>


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