A Sparkling Sweet Holiness

The Psalmist said that the holy Word of the Lord was like honeycomb. He knew it’s sweetness. He recognized the Holy One time and again as the King of Glory. He knew His powerful beauty.

Holiness is beautiful
The way pure, white, unadulterated snow is beautiful
Holiness is sweet
The way pure, ripe, fair-trade organic mangoes are sweet

It is a lie to believe that holiness is cold like winter and stale like old crackers. Purity does not make things pale but perfect.

Holiness in the Old Testament – Kadosh in the Hebrew – means set-apart. What English words do we use for something that is set-apart from the commonplace? If it is not ordinary, what is it? Extraordinary. If it is not common? Rare. If we try to attain the extraordinary or the rare we will likely find that it is costly, inestimable, and perhaps even priceless. We will find it counted as a treasure. Words like rare and extraordinary are synonyms of holiness. They are similar and help flesh out its meaning. Holiness too is a treasure which is costly, inestimable, and priceless.

This is real holiness – sweet, beautiful, and sparkling beyond compare.

Let us worship our Holy God and pursue to be like Him such a holiness.

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