Lovingfaithfulness Eternal

I can never return to the names of The Lord enough. While every word of the Love Languages in their Love Letter contexts inspire my heart, none can compare to the overwhelming and inexpressible reaction my soul has to the names of my God.

As I have been studying Psalm 136 recently (a Psalm I very much hope to write a book on someday. I have begun work on it, but you can pray for me that The Lord will help me finish it.) I came immediately to this name.

Give thanks to Yahweh for He is good
For His unwavering lovingfaithfulness endures eternally.

(My translation)

When I looked up this word Yahweh I found so many things. The truth that presented itself most strongly, though – especially in context – was this:

One of the meanings of Yahweh is “Eternal.”

Ponder that in your heart for a moment.

Then add to it this truth:
In Exodus 34:6 when The Lord reveals His glory, He declares Himself to be “abounding in lovingfaithfulness”

And so we find that His abounding lovingfaithfulness endures forever, because He both is lovingfaithful and is Eternal.

What does this truth mean for you today? How does the reality of His forever lovingfaithfulness change the way you look at your hardships, give you comfort, deepen your knowledge of God, secure your trust in Him?

And how can I be praying for you? What aspect of your life needs to be filled with His lovingfaithfulness toward you?

Father, Your name is a strong tower. The righteous run ini it and are safe. Call our hearts. Teach us to run into the tower of Your lovingfaithfulness. Amen

Ps. We love You back:)